Wet Sense of Humor

From the occasional writings of Michael J Grady.

  • How Did This Get To Be ALL About Me?
    Between the Lines of a Third-Person Bio. By ME “There has to be a way around it,” said Michael J Grady pacing anxiously through his bedroom. “It’s inevitable,” I said, looking at my reflection in his mirror, “at some point, everyone has to write a third-person bio.” “Everyone?” he asked, looking back at me. “Everyone with a vanity website, at… Read more: How Did This Get To Be ALL About Me?
  • The Last Big Thing
    THE LAST BIG THING Or “You Can Automate Your Values.” By Michael J Grady “Automation is the last big thing,” said the Salesman as he began his presentation, “A.I. can do your accounting, clean your house, or fly a plane from one city to another on the other side of an ocean. Delegate a task to today’s A.I. and you… Read more: The Last Big Thing
  • Is anyone in the mood for a glib apocalypse?
    “HUMAN ERROR” By Michael J. Grady (I created an audio version as a part of ENOUGH ROPE, a forthcoming project. Considering how disappointing humankind has been this week, I thought a glib apocalyptic narrative would be a little therapeutic. Here’s a link to the audio: ) On a typical August morning, as an unintended consequence of a software update,… Read more: Is anyone in the mood for a glib apocalypse?
  • So, I love My Cat.
    At her recent wellness exam,  the veterinarian said my cat was “in good condition, for an 18-year-old cat.” “Good,” I thought. I had been worried. Then I remembered that the average 18-year-old cat was dead. Compared to dead I think my cat is excellent. She’s doing infinitely better than a dead cat half her age. The day I worry about,… Read more: So, I love My Cat.
  • How to Justify a Brutal Invasion.
    “The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq, I MEAN UKRAINE.”  – George W. Bush Does he, though? (I wanted to write an article about my cat. I guess that will have to wait a week. That’s too bad it’s delightful.… Read more: How to Justify a Brutal Invasion.
  • Wisdom I would tattoo on my arm.
    I try. I fail. I haven’t given up. These are common themes for me. I have no shortage of regrets, and there are truths about me that burn as deep as any insult. But I have not given up on being better. I have realized that many of my battles are lost or won by a single thought and I… Read more: Wisdom I would tattoo on my arm.

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